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Would You Like to Be a June Bride

June is a popular month for weddings. Ever wondered why June came to be the "wedding month"? If you're planning to tie the knot, what month would you choose? Would you be a June Bride too?

June Bride History

The month of June was named after the the goddess, Juno. In Roman Mythology, Juno is a powerful and beautiful goddess- "the goddess of marriage", "the queen of sex", "the queen of the gods" and the wife of Jupiter. In Greek mythology, her counterpart is goddess Hera, the wife of Zeus.

In ancient Rome, women celebrate the "Matronalia"- an annual festival in honor of Juno. In lieu of these beliefs, many people in Rome choose to get married in June, with the blessing of Juno, "the patron of marriage".

In modern times, June became popular because many couples tied the knot immediately after June graduation. These days however, couples choose their wedding month based on different factors- the availability of the venue, the weather, financial readiness, and convenience. Some bride and grooms choose a meaningful month for them.

Surveys conducted in 2005 and 2006 in the US by the Association for Wedding Professionals International (AFWPI)- an international research organization that specializes on weddings reveal that August, September and July are the months where the most weddings took place while January, April and February were the least favorite months for a wedding. Surprisingly, June ranks only 5th in both the 2005 and 2006 annual surveys. Here is the complete list:

2005 2006
1. August - 370,000 August - 388,000
2. September - 364,000 September - 375,000
3. July - 369,000 July - 369,000
4. October - 358,000
October - 367,000
5. June - 351,000 June - 359,000
6. March - 350,000
March - 357,000
7. May - 347,000 May - 356,000
8. December - 347,000
December - 355,000
9. November - 339,000 November - 352,000
10. January - 332,000 January - 340,000
11. April - 332,000 April - 330,000
12. February - 310,000 February - 320,000

We got married on a March - not for any sentimental reasons. I would have liked to get married on a February month but we we didn't have much time left for preparations and we didn't want to wait until the next year.

What month did you tie the knot? Why did you chose that month for your wedding? If you were getting married, what month would you choose?

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Aleta said...

I'm newly engaged without a date set yet. We don't want a summer wedding. It's too hot in the south for summer weddings. Our temperatures throughout the year are "summer" and "summer lite" so we'd rather go with summer lite - sometime in winter or late fall.