Monday, June 2, 2008

I just signed up for SocialSpark! Have You?

If you're a blogger, you may already be familiar about Social Spark, the latest social networking and media marketing community on the web. If you're new to blogging, you'll be glad to know that aside from being able to share your thoughts to the world, blogging is also another way to earn extra money.

From my experience, blogging has helped me get more from my writings. I currently maintain 4 active blogs and I try my best to keep them updated when I'm not working. This is my newest blog and although none of my posts on this blog have been paid by an advertiser, I really enjoy writing and researching these articles.

Recently, I haven't been able to update all my blogs as much I as I want to except for the Weddingbug. And although it's my newest blog, it's also the most the most updated one, and as of yet is the only one out of my four blogs that was approved by Customer Love (Social Spark's quality control team). You need about 20 consecutive daily posts in the past 90 days to qualify.

I've joined a couple of paid to blog sites before but in terms of flexibility and options, I think Social Spark exceeds them all. What I like about SocialSpark is that it's not just about paid blogging, it helps you get the exposure you need for your blog. I've been registered with Social Spark for more than a month now. Unfortunately, I haven't been spending time with it that much so my list of friends isn't that impressive. I think if you spend at least 30 minutes checking out fellow bloggers in this community, it will make a big difference in your blog's traffic and exposure.

There are 3 different opportunities offered in the Social Spark marketplace that you can choose from and these are Sponsored Post, Blog Sponsorship and the Spark. Both the Sponsored Post and Blog Sponsorship opportunities would require you to make a review about the advertiser or the sponsor. The difference with these two ops is the pay.

With a Sponsored Post, you are paid on the 30th day since your post was submitted with the specified price when you took the opportunity. If you choose Blog Sponsorship, the pay is made on a per day basis, which means you are paid a certain amount each day throughout sponsorship period or for the entire time that the sponsorship runs on your blog. The price per day can either drop or increase depending on the demand in the market. Payment is sent through Pay Pal which is really the most convenient way of getting paid compared to checks.

What about the Spark? A Spark is a non-monetary opportunity so you're not paid money to do the post. However, taking opportunities in exchange for Sparks is a great way to build new friends, build links, get more subscribers, and win freebies from advertisers. If you're on a rut, checking out the Sparks is also an effective strategy to find an interesting topic for your audience.

The pay range for the ops are realistic and reasonable ranging from as low as $1.00, $5.00 and up. But there's more! SocialSpark encourages its bloggers to create 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure, write reviews with 100% Transparency, express 100% Real Opinions, and to make posts 100% Search Engine Friendly,

There's also the chance to win the bonus prize for the highest quality review or post on certain opportunities. For example, writing this post can win me the $100.00 bonus if this happens to be the best review about SocialSpark out of all entries. But of course, that is not guaranteed so you just have to do your best out of every post opportunity you take.

Because this is an all-about wedding blog, I'm waiting for more review opportunities that are related to weddings. Hopefully, there would be more wedding-related themes in the future so I can review online shops or merchants that offer wedding products or services.

Have you ever thought about monetizing your blog? Which paid to blog sites have you already joined? Would you be willing to try out Social Spark? If you're already a SocialSpark member, what can you say about it? Would you recommend it? If you ask me, I can honestly say, it's definitely worth it!

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