Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Home Wedding Ideas for the Budget Bride

A home wedding is a perfect budget-saver. At the same time, you get to exchange vows in a place that is meaningful to you and your fiancé.

If you or your parents live by the lakeside, the beach or in a cottage by the mountains, you can turn your home into a breathtaking destination wedding without going on trip.

Yet, even a backyard wedding can be both romantic and magical as long as has been prepared for the big day. In order to be a success, here are some things to consider:
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1 comment:

Aleta said...

Thank you so much, Rachel! I love all of the ideas and appreciate the post. We're definitely having a home wedding and it's a lot more to consider than the simplicity of finding a hall. That said, I cannot see us paying the high price of a hall for the inconvience factor. We're already on a tight budget, so the wedding has to follow suit. Thanks again!