Saturday, June 14, 2008

Practical Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for the Budget Bride

With a little creativity and imagination, beautiful and unique wedding centerpieces don’t need to be as expensive as hiring a professional wedding decorator. Before planning to decorate your reception on your own, here’s what you need to remember:

Set a budget and stick to it. From the start, set a definite a budget you’re willing to spend on centerpieces and be sure that you won’t go over that. If your estimated cost is over your intended budget, cut back or work your way around it but always stick with your original budget.

Don’t forget to consider the size of your tables. Make sure there’ll be enough room for the food and for your guests to freely move. Also, wedding centerpieces should be small enough or tall enough that your guests can comfortably see each other from across the table.

Choose a theme and focus on that. A beautifully designed table is all about proper coordination. Putting together items that complement each other is the key. Be careful about combining too many ideas into one. It can cause you to lose focus and tables can become overly decorated.

Consider the kids. If you expect many kids to attend your wedding, don’t forget to think about safety. You may want to stay away from using too many candles or lamps as centerpieces.

Get help. Remember, things would be easier if you let your friends and family help you. Assign errands and tasks and don't be afraid ask for assistance.

Now that you’re ready to plan, here are some wedding centerpiece ideas that can inspire you:

The Minimalist

Flowers don’t always have to go on big bunches to be beautiful. You can use one stem of a flower per table or five stems at the most for long banquets. Birds of Paradise, Calla Lilies, Tulips and Anthuriums are especially great for the elegant, minimalist appeal. You can use clear jars or tall glasses to hold these blooms and surround them with a few accents (rose petals, smooth pebbles, or colored stones).

A Bowl of Fruits

Fruits are luscious wedding centerpieces. Fruits in season definitely cost so much less than flowers. Fill large bowls or cylinders with greens and yellows like mangoes, lemons, limes and apples for the summer wedding look.

You can also decorate your table with a platter of juicy, red apples, grapes and different kinds of berries for a gorgeous splash of reds and violets. Another way to decorate with fruits is to slice them in pieces and submerge them in a glass jar with water!

The Happy Bunch

Happy flowers like Gerbera Daisies, Carnation Mums and Chrysanthemums are wonderful wedding centerpieces. They’re bright, chunky petals come in all colors and shades that never fail to please the eye and bring out a smile to anyone. Best of all, you can buy them at a cheap price especially when in season.

Mr. and Mrs. Pots

Small potted flowers can also make great centerpieces and wedding souvenirs at the same time. You can sponge-paint the pots with your motif and wrap an organza tied with a sash for that perfect wedding look.

The Asian, Rustic Appeal

Bamboo shoots planted in pebbles, lighted candles and rose petals floating in a bowl of water, wooden bowls, lemons and herbs make up the rustic, Asian appeal.

The Glow of Romance

Pillar candles and small candles can be found in thrift stores and craft stores at cheap prices. Candles can really add a romantic glow and elegance to any table. You can also visit flea markets or yard sales to look for candle holders, lamps and lanterns.

Wine Bottles

Vintage wine bottles or champagne bottles can also be used as vases. If you or someone in the family or a friend has a collection of wine bottles, these can make unique accents to some of the tables.

More tips:

*To create a big foliage centerpiece, you can also combine silk flowers with real flowers and no one would be able to tell the difference.

*Here are other things you can use to accent your wedding centerpieces: ferns, twigs, leaves, herbs, fish bowls, mason jars, gift boxes, walnuts, wine bottles, vegetables.

*Photographs as wedding centerpieces are nostalgic and heart-warming and they can definitely brighten up the conversations on the table. Buy small photo frames from thrift stores and fill them with the bride and groom’s memories from their childhood until the day they’ve met.

*Clear drinking glasses or champagne glasses can be filled with jelly beans or crystal candies half-way through to hold one long stem of flower. Place them on a long table about 8-12 inches apart from each other to create sweet and delightful centerpieces.

What's your own creative wedding centerpiece idea?

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