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Practical Wedding Token Ideas

Wedding tokens or wedding favors are items given away to guests as a sign of appreciation or thanks for attending the wedding. Although it isn't obligatory to give away tokens, guests often look forward for something they can take home with them to remind them of that special day. Here in the Philippines, the giving away of favors or tokens are often expected and is considered as one of the highlights of a wedding.

On our wedding, we gave away two kinds of tokens from Papemelroti. One is a paper box that contains love quotes and the other is a ceramic figure of a bride and groom in Filipiniana costume.

I absolutely love our wedding tokens and our guests were delighted as well. We ordered it about 3 weeks before our wedding day and we were thankful that they were finished on time.

What I liked about them is that they were not the usual bride and groom figures that are common to weddings. At Divisoria, wedding tokens with bride and groom figures in various designs range from P40 to P50, depending on the size and design.

If you want something nice and different, you can find wedding tokens from Papemelroti at around these prices as well. They offer 10% offer for bulk orders (50 pcs. and up).

For big weddings, purchasing wedding tokens for all your guests can be very expensive. Making your own wedding favors would save you a lot and you can even personalize it. However, it's important to make sure that you have enough time to make them. Don't forget to ask help from your family and friends if you do decide to make your own wedding favors!

Here are some wedding favor ideas and tips that won't break your budget:

Stay simple. Remember that wedding favors don't really have to be expensive and elaborate. Even the simplest things can mean a lot! A small note-card that bears your personal message with your wedding date would do. If you want to make it extra special, you just have to be a little more creative and artistic with your approach.

Bookmarks with your wedding song printed on them can serve as wedding tokens as well. Print your wedding song on a specialty board paper, print your personal message on a parchment paper, onion skin or any transparent paper, punch a hole on top of both papers and tie them together with a colored ribbon.

Your ushers and usherrettes can distribute these bookmarks to each of your guests as they arrive on your venue. That's what we did and our guests have kept those bookmarks as one of our wedding souvenirs.

You can also buy organza cloth sold by the yard, cut them into squares that are big enough to put in your wedding tokens. Stitch both sides and use a ribbon or a lace to finish the wrap. It will make anything you put in it, more adorable and extra special.

What to put in those small organza bags? Mini chocolates, cookies, mint candies, jelly-beans or any of your favorite goodiess can be wonderful edible wedding favors. You can buy a whole bag of chocolate chips or cookies in groceries or bake your own and design it just the way you want it.

Candles can also be used as wedding favors. Buy plain white or colored mini candles in bulk from supermarkets or craft stores and wrap a colored ribbon or lace around each. Next, print your "thank you" message on a scented piece of specialty paper, cut them up in small squares and insert them on each of your candles.

For your most special guests, you can give them or send them something extra special after the wedding. After your wedding photos have been printed, send them a copy of their picture taken with the married couple! Even the simplest picture frame would make any wedding picture beautiful and worth keeping.

These wedding token ideas are budget-friendly and practical. Do you have your own practical wedding token idea? Share it by posting a comment.

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Giving guests favors is an excellent way of showing your utmost gratitude.Wedding favors don't have to be very expensive,it is also better to make it in your own,something with your own touch..But whatever your wedding favor will be,you should have fun with your choices and bring smile to your guests,that is the most important.