Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All About Your Wedding Invitation

Here are important points to think about when planning and preparing your wedding invitations:

How Much?

Set a reasonable budget for your wedding invitations. Depending on your budget, you can either scrimp or splurge.

If you have the money to spend, you can choose a more luxurious wedding invitation. But remember, even if you want to spend, be sure to compare prices first before placing your order.

On the other hand, it's okay if you decide to be thrifty. That doesn't mean you should settle for poorly-designed wedding invitations. You can still find printers that offer a variety of styles in prices that fit your budget. Also, If you're ordering your invitations, make sure that they are delivered at least 4 to 8 weeks ahead of your wedding day.

Should I Make My Own Wedding Invitations?

Do-It-Yourself wedding invitations can be a big budget-saver. But before you decide to make your own, carefully consider three things.
  • Do you really know how to make them?
  • Do you have the time to make them? (especially if you're planning a large wedding and you have a long guest list)
  • Can you finish them on time?
If someone volunteers to help in making your invitations, that's great! But "Can they guarantee that they can help you with this task until it's completed?" Their intentions may be good, but sometimes, work or unexpected things get in the way and disappointments can happen. If you don't have that much time, it may be best to just order customized wedding invitations from a reliable printer.

From experience, I wish I had more time to come up with a more beautiful design. I thought it was going to be very easy, but when we start with the designing and printing, it took us many hours and weeks before we finished. Because we were in a rush, we did not have time to buy the materials we need in bulk so we actually spent more than we should have.

At that time, I was worried, irritated, and anxious about the whole thing. There was too much going on that making invitations ourselves seemed so out-of-hand. At that moment, I was wishing that we'd just ordered our invitations so there would be less hassle. But we're through with it and it turned out fine, thankfully.

How many?

Whether you choose to order or print your own invitations, create a list of people that you want to invite. It's best to order/print at least 10-15 extra pieces just in case you forgot someone. Don't forget to reserve your own personal copy as well as souvenir copies for yours and your fiance's family.

What about the style?

Formal wedding invitations are traditionally placed inside 2 envelopes (one mailing envelop and a special envelope for the actual wedding invitation). Today, you can find modern or contemporary styles that do not use envelopes at all.

For example, postcard style or greeting card style wedding invitations are becoming more in demand these days. They also come in a variety of sizes so you're not just limited to the standard 5"x7" size. On a limited budget? These options are definitely worth considering. You can save a lot with contemporary style wedding invitations.

Addressed to who?

If you want the whole family to attend your wedding, you can address the envelope as _____ (surname) Family. However, if you want to limit your guests, you can simply address it to Mr. and Mrs. _______, and include an RSVP note that specifies the number of seats you've reserved for them.

For example,

"We have reserved 2 seats for you."
RSVP: (you and your fiance's contact numbers)

Addressing the envelopes with your own handwriting is the traditional and preferred way because it adds a more personal touch. It's also a good way to make sure that no one is missed or forgotten. Don't forget to check the correct spellings of the names of the guests that you're inviting. Imagine how you'd feel if your name was misspelled.

What should they wear?

Don't forget to note the ATTIRE in your wedding invitation's RSVP card. This way, your guests would have the right idea of what to wear to your wedding. You don't want your guest to feel embarassed if he/she shows up in a casual wear when everyone else is in their suits, gowns and formal attire.

Knowing what the theme is (ex. ballroom wedding, beach wedding or garden wedding) gives your guests the freedom to dress in their own styles yet still appropriate for the occasion.

Typos anyone?

Again whether you're ordering or making your own wedding invitations, make sure that it has the proper wordings and that there is not a single typo in it. Remember, it will be preserved for a lifetime so you want to make everything right.

When to send?

Ideally, you should have already sent out your invitations about 6 weeks before your wedding day. This will give your invited guests enough time to make plans, prepare, arrange their schedules and confirm their attendance.

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