Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Choosing the Right Day for Your Wedding

Setting the right wedding date can never be overlooked. In our case, I was hoping to get married on the month of February but we ended up getting married on March. If I could go back, we would have planned our wedding much sooner than we did. Well, we had a happy wedding so it was great.

Still, for couples who are planning for their BIG day, there are four things that you'll want to consider before choosing your wedding date. Here are some tips that you may find handy:

Make sure that the people you love would make it. My brother wasn't able to attend our wedding because he was on board their ship at that time. So was my best friend who was in Canada. My cousin missed it because the 30th was her flight to Dubai.

Some of the people closest to me missed our wedding because we hadn't planned it sooner. This is especially true if some of your relatives and friends live out-of-the-country or out-of-state. If you're going to set your wedding date, will everyone who you want to be there be able to make it?

Make sure that your venue is available. Whether you want a hotel wedding or a garden wedding, make sure that the place you'll hire would be available. If you've made the final decision, make reservations as early as you can.

Consider the weather. Is it going to be a rainy season? If you want an outdoor or a garden wedding, the weather can be a big problem. But if you're okay with an indoor setting, a little rain shouldn't be a problem. Winter seasons can make the occassion more inconvenient than it's supposed to be. I guess, this is why June weddings and summer weddings are so popular.

Consider your budget. Getting married on holiday seasons can threaten a limited budget. For example, we got married on a March, which was a graduation month here in the Philippines so the flowers we needed were more expensive than usual. Even if we're in Baguio, we had to cut back on the flowers because prices were actually doubled compared to off-peak months.

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