Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Put Together a Vintage Themed Wedding

Do you want a vintage-inspired wedding? If your answer is, "Yes, I do!", Here are some tips to help you plan and put it together:

Think of a theme. So you want a vintage wedding but when it comes to the theme, your imagination is the only limit. Some inspirations include a travel-themed vintage, old Hollywood wedding, a fairytale story, a bohemian wedding, or a particular era (60's wedding, 80's wedding?) that you fancy.

Gather vintage décor.  What’s great about putting together a vintage wedding is that the décor does not need to look alike, as long as they complement each other.  Uniformity is not a factor with a vintage wedding.  It’s all about harmony.

Make a list of the possible things that you will need for the reception tables before you do your search. Having list will serve as your guide but there are no restrictions.  If you can’t find certain objects, finding alternatives is perfectly fine.  Scout thrift shops, second-hand stores, flea markets, garage sales, and online vintage shops. 

You can also ask your friends if they have vintage things in their home that they can lend you for the wedding.  If you will be borrowing vintage, make a list of each item and to whom it belongs to be sure that none will be misplaced and that everything will be returned to their owners.

Create a vintage setting. Designing a vintage backdrop doesn’t need to be complicated.  You can look for inspirations from real weddings online.
Check out Catie & Ben’s vintage-inspired backyard at Green Wedding Shoes.  I love how they turned their backyard into a fairyland by hanging old window and using different vintage chairs. 

Another inspiration is Larissa & Niall’s wedding. I love her goddess-style wedding dress and veil! So gorgeous!

 photos via: Green Wedding Shoes

You should also check out Deborah & Stephen's wedding at Ruffled blog. I love how they used antique cabinet drawers to display their wedding favors and sweets.  So cool!

 photo via: Ruffledblog

Make it a group project. It will be easy to put together a handmade vintage wedding with the help of family and friends. Jot down the specific tasks that need to be done and assign people to do each task.  For example, who will be in charge of the flower arrangements or the table settings? Do you plan to create your own favors or print out your own invitations?  Make sure that you have enough time to accomplish all errands. 

Know where to scrimp and where to splurge.  Many couples who chose a vintage-inspired wedding would say that they worked on a very small budget, yet they were able to put together something extraordinary. 

Some brides spend half of their wedding budget on the dress and shoes alone.  However, you can buy a really simple, inexpensive, yet classy, vintage wedding gown or a vintage pair of shoes.  It is okay to splurge a bit but you need to decide where exactly you will put in more money.  For instance, you may want to invest on photography to make sure that the best moments of your wedding will be preserved.

Set a budget and stick to it.  A vintage-themed wedding should be budget-friendly. However, if you will not set a definite amount, you might still go over-the-budget shopping for décor that is not really necessary.  It’s always a good idea to write down the plan and calculate the exact expenses.

Do you love vintage weddings?  
Would you like to share some tips?

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