Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wedding Accessories: Blusher Veils

The blusher veil is a traditional bridal headpiece. It is a short veil that covers the bride's face as she walks down the aisle. This bridal accessory is also called the birdcage veil, with varying lengths: the veil can fall just below the eyes, below the chin.  Floor length veils are also known as ballerina veil.

The person who gives the bride away raises the veil to kiss the bride on the cheek or forehead and puts the veil back down. After the exchange of the wedding vows, it is time for the official "Just Married" kiss and the veil is raised by the groom.  The veil then stays lifted all throughout the ceremony.

Apart from varying lengths, the veil may also come in different designs.  Some veils have two or more layers; some are attached to a hat or  fascinator. Blusher veils can be made out of tulle, or old lace.

Some modern brides choose not to wear this style of veil because they want everyone to have a clear view of their face as they enter the ceremony.  However, a blusher veil can also add that perfect accent to the bridal gown.  Take a look at these beautiful blusher veils from various Etsy sellers:

double layer of tulle by Twigs & Honey
silk organza & Habotai silk  with blossoms and rhinestone by Erica Elizabeth Design 

blusher veil with peach fascinator by There Was Once a Girl 

blusher veil with ivory fascinator and bridal hat by Butterflies Wing 

bird cage veil with nickel plated comb by Alisa Benay 

double layer teardrop blusher veil by Twigs & Honey

Would you like to wear a blusher veil or a bird cage veil on your wedding?  
Which of these veils caught your fancy?

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