Monday, August 6, 2012

On Finding the Perfect Plus Size Wedding Gown

Regardless of her body built - the bride will always be the most beautiful woman on her wedding day.   However, finding that perfect wedding dress can prove to be a challenge especially when you're a plus-size.  If you're a soon-to-be bride with a plus-size body, consider these tips on choosing a wedding gown.

Consider the theme.  What kind of wedding will it be?  The right style of gown would depend on the theme of your wedding. Will it be a beach-wedding? A winter wedding? A garden wedding? Would you like a gown with a long train or without one?  Before shopping around, it's best to have an exact idea of which styles you like and which styles you don't like. 

Know your shape.  What’s your body shape?  An A-line gown is very forgiving for most figures especially if you are pear-shaped or if you’re bigger from the hips down.  This shape also elongates the body which is always a good thing.  

Hide the flaws.  Floor-length wedding gowns are ideal for plus-size women to cover up the thighs and calves.  Tea-length or short dresses can make you look shorter.  However, steer clear from ball gown skirts as this style can make a woman look heavier.
Show off your best asset.  Many plus size women are endowed with flawless skin.  Don’t be afraid to bare those shoulders with a strapless goddess gown, a fitted bodice, snug under the bust, and gently hugs the body to create a narrower waistline.  Instead of opting for a gown that completely covers the bust, don’t be afraid to show some cleavage.  A fully-covered top will only make the chest look bigger.

Simplicity is the key.   Gowns with elaborate designs or  too many embellishments will not help in hiding the flaws. It will only make the dress look bulky and that would instantly add extra pounds to the bride who wears it.  It’s best to opt for a simple, flowing gown that is not too fitted and not too lose either.

Don’t forget what’s underneath.  To achieve a truly beautiful fitting, it’s very important to wear the right underwear underneath the gown.  Instead of wearing bra, choose a gown that provides sufficient boning, support and lift so you can afford to go bare underneath.  A girdle panty is great to help tuck in unwanted bulges but see to it that the material allows you to breathe comfortably.

Shop around. There are brick & mortar stores and online shops that specialize in plus-size wedding gowns.  You can purchase a handmade or custom made gown or buy a second-hand dress. Remember, if you’re going to buy online, you need to be very careful in providing measurements as it can be difficult to return the item if it doesn’t fit right.  

Choose a flattering hairstyle.  Donning the right hairstyle is an essential factor to achieve that overall elegance.  It would be great to try out different do's weeks before the wedding until you find one that complements your face.

Try it on.  Make sure that the gown allows you to move with ease.  If you’re not comfortable in it, it would be very difficult to look your best.  Don't forget to do a final fitting at least a week before the wedding day, especially if you've made some changes in your diet and lifestyle in order to lose weight.

Be confident. Your wedding day is a time for celebration.  If you feel great about yourself, you will certainly look that way too.  If you're genuinely happy, that inner glow will exude and you will look even more amazing.  Once you have picked the wedding gown that you like, there's no point in worrying about how you look.  Just relax and smile! Celebrate your love and happiness.

V-neck chiffon handmade gown by wonderxue
halter plus size gown by shop of brides
sheath V-neck sweep chiffon dress by light in the box
strapless chiffon gown with empire-waist beading by sydney's closet

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