Friday, May 28, 2010

Spring Wedding Inspiration: Wildberries, Violets, and Vintage

In my search for beautiful wedding photography, there are some that literally stops me from breathing for a few moments!  Although not a real wedding, this "spring / garden wedding" photo shoot features real life couple, Georgia & Nate; and is a collaboration of three wonderful photographers- Corbin Gurkin, Rebecca Stone of  Duet Weddings, and Camille Panzarello of Modern Day Design, along with a team of designers and wedding professionals.

I am so in love with how beautiful everything has been married together.  Wild berries and flowers in vintage tins, simple linen and wooden chairs, violet + pink ( I know my sister would love the motif), the simplicity of the gown, the ethereal pink dress - there is nothing too loud or too complicated, and yet, it feels genuine,  timeless, romantic!

All Photos via: Corbin Gurkin's blog

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