Tuesday, October 6, 2009

4 Cs to Consider When Buying Diamonds

When it comes to engagement rings, diamond engagement rings are still the most popular. Here are 4 important Cs that you should consider before buying:

Cut. The most important factor  when evaluating diamonds. It's not just about the shape but symmetry and harmony of sides. Diamonds are either cut the "brilliant cut" style or the "step cut"style.  The step cut style have larger and rectangular facets, reflecting thelight at varying levels, making the inclusions more obvious.

On the other hand, the brilliant cut style have either triangular or kite-shaped facets. Because of it's intricacy, this cut requires more precision.  The cut maximizes the diamond's natural ability to reflect light upwards, giving the piece the best brilliance.
Color. Absolutely colorless and full color diamonds are the rarest and therefore more expensive. The first class color grade is colorless because it will pick up the color of the gold it is set into.

Clarity. This refers to the noticeable markings, inclusions, or scratches found either inside or on the surface the stone.

Carat weight. Finally, there is the issue of weight. Obviously, the great the carat weight is, the more the value, and the higher the price. If you want a larger diamond, then perhaps you can save your money by choosing one with a lower classification of color and clarity.

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