Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creative Ideas for a Budget Dream Wedding

You can still have the wedding of your dreams even if you’re on a limited budget. Here are creative and practical ideas to inspire you:

Plan ahead. Making plans ahead of time gives you the chance to scout for the best merchants and compare prices. Don’t just make plans with your head, be sure to write them down.

Make it a small wedding. Limiting your guests to just family and closest friends is still the best way to cut costs.

Make it elegant, yet simple. Simple wedding invitations are classic and elegant. You can find specialty papers in craft stores that are less expensive than wedding invitation papers.

Save money on your wedding gown. When looking for a bridal gown, take a look at the bridesmaids’ gowns collection and see if you can find the perfect dress for you.

Bridesmaids’ gowns are far less expensive than bridal gowns and although simpler in style, most are elegant and classy. Don’t forget to try on the gowns before saying no. Some gowns that don’t look that great on a mannequin may look flattering on you.

Tie the knot on off-peak season. Wedding venues, hotels, honeymoon destinations – everything is bound to be more expensive during peak seasons. Why not get married during a lowpeak season and save more?

Make it a brunch. When it comes to food, breakfast or brunch wedding is far cheaper than a lunch wedding. The most expensive is a dinner wedding since you’ll need to serve a 3-course meal and the party can last till late in the evening which means more food and more drinks.

Get all the help you can get. You can save thousands of dollars if you make your own rather than purchase or hire a professional service. However, be sure that you have the right people to the job and enough time to get the job done. Again, you need to plan way ahead of time.

If you have a friend or a relative who bakes, you can save hundreds of dollars on buying a wedding cake. Yojavascript:void(0)u can also assign people to make your wedding invitations and tokens or make flower arrangements.

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