Friday, August 22, 2008

15 Ways to Look Great on Your Wedding Photos

30 from your wedding day, everyone may forget about how the food tasted or who officiated the occasion or the kind of dress you wore. Thanks to photographs, memories of that blissful day can last for a lifetime and beyond.

Surely, this isn’t where you want to scrimp on your budget. Splurging for your wedding photos is allowed!Here are 15 tips on how you can look fabulous on your wedding photos:

1. Get enough sleep. Make sure that you’ll get enough sleep before your wedding day. If you’re too stressed or too worn out, it would show on your skin and eyes! So sleep early and get some beauty rest!

2. Wear a dress/suit that you’re comfortable in. If you feel good in your dress, looking good wouldn’t be a problem.

3. Wear the right undergarments. For brides, wearing the right underwear can really give your body the support you need. Invest on a bra with a good lift and the right fit.

4. Hire a professional make-up artist. The right make-up can really make the BIG difference on how you’ll look in photos. Don’t scrimp your budget on this one. Hire a pro and don’t forget to hold trial sessions weeks before the wedding.

5. Avoid complicated hairstyles. You want to make sure that you’ll look great throughout the day but you won’t have time to constantly check yourself in the mirror or get stray hairs off your face. A simple, uncomplicated yet elegant hairstyle would be perfect for the occasion.

6. Prepare your beauty bag. A small pouch can hold all your beauty essentials for the day- oil blotting film, pressed powder, and a lipstick. Your maid-of-honor should keep it handy for you.

7. Make it waterproof. A waterproof mascara is surely a must! Need we say more???

8. Speak with your photographer. Before the wedding day, discuss everything with your photographer. List down all the kinds of shots you want to make sure that none would be missed. A professional photographer should have great suggestions about shots and angles that work best for weddings. Be open and don’t be afraid to voice out your concerns. Be sure to arrange some time where you can have some exclusive shots as a couple.

9. Stop and pose for the camera. Every now and then, stop to look at the camera and take a pose. It doesn’t matter whether you smile or laugh but avoid speaking or moving for at least a few seconds to give your photographer the chance to capture the moment.

10. Relax and enjoy the occasion. This is truly a day of celebration for both of you with your families and friends so just relax, be yourself, and enjoy the day. Don’t be too conscious about the photographer taking shots from all angles. Be spontaneous! A few goofy poses and stolen shots make weddings more fun and memorable!

11. Practice good posture. Nothing looks as bad as slouching in your photos. Always be aware of your posture.

12. Don’t be statue. Don’t just stand straight. Hold your partner, let your hand swing, wave, show your wedding ring - find something graceful to do with your hands.

13. Don't blink. Do you often blink just when the camera is about to be clicked? Ask your photographer to count to three. On three, breathe in to keep your eyes from closing.

14. Let your feelings show. Great photos are all about capturing moments and happiness. So don’t be afraid to smile, laugh, hug, kiss, and show everyone how happy you are.

15. Smile and mean it. Fake smiles are not that great in photos. Yes, you do want to smile on most of your photos but don’t just put it on. Feel it from your guts and let it show on your face!

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